Owner: Southeastern Orthopedic Center
Location: Savannah, GA
Architect: Designs Consultants International, Inc.
The Southeastern Orthopedic Center is a full service outpatient surgery center located in Savannah, Georgia offering physical therapy and hand therapy as well as digital MRI and X-ray services. Southeastern Orthopedic contracted Evans to build a second floor addition to their facility. Evans was tasked with completing all construction while the hospital remained open and fully operational.

This 12,000 SF expansion included the addition of two new operating rooms, seven post-op rooms, X-ray, decontamination and waiting areas as well as several new offices. Evans also completed parking lot and sidewalk modifications around the exterior of the building. Most work was completed during the evening and overnight hours as well as on the weekends in order to accommodate the client and keep patient disruptions to a minimum. This project required a great deal of coordination between all parties involved in order to finish the build successfully and on time.

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