Owner: Firth Rixson Forgings, LLC
Location: Midway, GA
Architect: Randall Paulson Architects

Firth Rixson is a global leader in providing highly engineered forged metal products to high technology industries. Firth Rixson contracted with Evans for the multi-phase construction of their new forging/manufacturing campus located in Midway, Georgia. Upon completion of Phase I, Evans was invited back to begin construction on Phase II.

Phase I included the construction of three new buildings, “A”, “B”, and “C”. Building A is 118,778 SF and features a 50 MN forging press and a 300 MN forging press (the largest ever developed and one of only two in the world). The main press and work areas sit 45′ below existing grade and 22′ below sea level requiring the area to be completely enclosed with sheet piling to allow for deep dewatering during construction. The extreme weight of the press in the pit area required extensive H piles driven to 80′ below grade. Close to a mile of deep trenches support the electric, hydraulic and natural gas lines needed to operate the press, pump room, and furnaces. Three 45 ton bridge cranes were installed in the manufactur- ing area requiring all columns to be supported on H piles and caps. The building also includes a heat treat tank that sits 16′ below the FF elevation, a two-story office area with direct access to the manufacturing floor, employee locker rooms and break areas. Building B is a 57,824 SF Machining/Testing facility and Building C is a 30,000 SF Machine Shop.

As the design/build contractor for Phase I, Evans already had extensive knowledge of the previous construction and was able to work closely with Firth Rixson on the tie-ins from Phase I to Phase II. Phase II included a 20,000 SF expansion to ex- isting Building A as well as the new construction of 9,000 SF Building D. Building D is a heavy process and manufacturing heat treatment facility located in a marsh. The expansion to Building A now houses a one-of-a-kind forging press com- pletely custom-built and manufactured from various locations around the world. The press required a heavy foundation and a 50′ x 50′ pit 40′ below the earth’s surface. Scope of work for both phases included design/build services, shell build- ing construction, tenant build-out, equipment installation and a comprehensive site work package. With construction on the campus now complete, Firth Rixson has the ability to assemble the widest range of forging capabilities in the world.

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