Owner: Thorne Research
Location: Summerville, SC
Architect: Ware Malcomb

Thorne Research is an innovative health-care company providing top-of-the-line, research-based supplements, health diagnostics technology platforms, as well as the latest-in nutritional education. Moving their headquarters from Idaho to Summerville, South Carolina, Evans General Contractors was hired to build their new Nutraceutical facility, where they produce and distribute supplemental products in capsule and bulk powder form.

This new facility will total approximately 300,000 square feet (SF), including 65,000 SF of office, 6,000 SF of lab space (QC, Analytics, Microbiology, R&D), 52,000 SF of Level 1 Production Space, 9,000 SF of Level 3 Production Space, 126,000 SF of Warehouse, 5,500 SF Commercial Kitchen/Cafeteria and 14,000 SF Mechanical Mezzanine with catwalk over the Production Area. Additional production details and specifications include:

  • Product is mixed in bulk per proprietary recipes
  • Compressed air system used to move product through the production process via pneumatic conveyance systems and supplies process equipment
  • Production stages include: encap, encap bottling, milling, blending, powder fill and packaging
  • Production areas built in conformance with full wash-down requirements
  • Walkable ceiling over production area for cleaning and maintenance purposes
  • Vacuum system used for product reclamation and dust control during production process includes ducted, filtered supply and return for HVAC system
  • Double walled HVAC units used to avoid air quality degradation
  • Utilizes in-depth Building Management System to keep track of facility lighting and stringent temperature and humidity requirements
  • Med gas system including Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, and Hydrogen provided for use in Lab areas
  • Gasketed ceiling utilized throughout production areas
  • Level 1 Production HVAC requirements:
  1. Dry Bulb temp of 65 to 67 degrees F
  2. 30-45% RH, 85%
  3. Dust spot efficiency (MERV 13)
  4. 6 air changes per hour
  • Level 3 Production HVAC requirements:
  1. Dry Bulb temp of 65 degrees F +/- 2 degrees
  2. 30-40% RH
  3. Dust spot efficiency (MERV 13)
  4. 20 air changes per hour
  5. Filtration and airflow to meet ISO Class 8 requirements
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