At Evans, our approach to quality starts with the beginning phases of design and development. We believe quality is both a mindset and a philosophy of conducting business in a manner that continually exceeds the expectations of our clients. To ensure that the greatest and most cost-effective levels of quality are reached, we focus on the internal procedures of all design and development aspects of the job. In addition to our internal procedures, we focus on external procedures such as monitoring and controlling how all materials are installed and how work is performed.

One of the most critical steps we take in securing the highest quality project takes place prior to any construction activity. We begin with the pre-planning and project development phases of construction. Once we have a complete understanding of our client and their facility and processing needs, we strategically select our design team members based on their experience and capabilities. Many design firms have specific strengths and expertise varying from geographic areas to industries, making it important for us to familiarize ourselves with all aspects of the project in order to select the most qualified design team.

In the design phase, our collective team members objectively and openly discuss the various means, materials and methods available for each specific project. By collaborating as a team and challenging one another during this phase, we are able to deliver the most cost-effective and functionally efficient design possible.

We carefully screen and select the most capable subcontractors, suppliers and vendors for the execution of the facility. Specific metrics are created and clearly communicated for each discipline and are often included contractually. Pre-planning and coordination meetings are held between the design team, project management team, and major subcontractors to discuss project scheduling, integration, and the management and coordination of all critical scopes of work.

As field construction commences, daily, weekly and bi-weekly meetings are conducted with all subcontractors and suppliers. Our priorities always lie in the safety of all people on site and the internal and external quality of our work.

Depending on the size of the project or the complexity of a specific scope of work, a QA/QC manager may be added to the project team. In addition, our superintendents and field staff conduct daily inspections of all work performed. Each daily report is entered into our centralized database accessible by the entire project team. If any deficiencies are noted, they are directly communicated to the manager of that specific trade and are corrected immediately. A note is added to that subcontractor, supplier and/ or vendor’s file within our database, along with a written notification sent to the subcontractor’s direct manager. Generally these issues are handled immediately, however the complexity of the issue may result in a scheduled meeting attended by all parties involved, including the client.

A complete copy of our quality program is available upon request.

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