At Evans General Contractors, our number one priority is safety. Whether in construction or equipment installation, our first and foremost priority is the safety of our employees, subcontractors, clients and the surrounding community. Evans General Contractors employs a full time safety staff put in place to diligently oversee that all projects comply with OSHA safety standards. It is not an afterthought or word casually used in presentations; safety is deeply embedded into our company’s culture. We believe that a job site free of incidents and injuries is achieved through a very focused and proactive safety training program. Safety begins during the design phase where we carefully select the right methods, materials and equipment to perform the job safely and cost effectively. Evans currently holds a 0.81 Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and has consistently held under 0.86 for the past six (6) years.

  • We only use certified and licensed subcontractors.
  • We work very closely with OSHA and TUV.
  • Our Engineers and electricians are trained to UL and VDE standards.
  • Job specific safety training is provided and mandatory for all employees and subcontractors.


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