• Programming and Project Development

    Our Programming and Project Development Services are available for domestic and international clients to develop a comprehensive green or brown field solution addressing the clients needs in significance to general regulations, the local business and community environment. Evans uses a conceptual development and estimating process that transforms a client’s initial project vision into quantifiable cost data that can be used to make well informed business decisions. The process begins with an initial programming meeting with the client. From there, Evans develops the Project Team of design professionals including structural, MEP, geo-technical and civil engineers as well as architects and any specialty consultants or vendors. The Project Team more fully develops the initial scope into project specifications which are finally used for pricing. The process concludes with the delivery of a very reliable, market based cost estimate for the project.

    This may include:
    • Process layout design
    • Building requirements studies
    • Architectural pre-design
    • Permit requirement analysis
    • Civil pre-design
    • Location incentive studies
    • Utility Analysis
    • Budget forecasting
  • General Contracting Services

    We are a licensed General Contractor and have the ability to manage multiple large construction projects within our markets across the United States. Our site management team is trained on the latest methods used in construction to execute complex construction and installation projects – all in accordance to the United States and International Building Code. We also have the ability to deliver all material, labor, equipment and services needed for complex turn key industrial installations.
  • Environmental Approach/LEED

    Whether in construction or equipment installation, we strive for optimal efficiency with minimal environmental impact. Understanding that large construction projects can potentially harm the environment, we encourage all of our project managers to be LEED accredited. All employees and subcontractors engage in specially developed training programs for each project. We have our own safety and environmental inspection team to ensure the highest safety and environmental standards are maintained.
    • Every new job begins with safety and environmental training.
    • Every job site has a recycling system in place minimizing landfill waste.
    • Building materials are carefully chosen.
    • All our architects are LEED certified.
    • Inspected, state of the art construction and rigging equipment is a requirement.
    • We require MSDS sheets for all materials on the jobsite.
  • Design/Build Services

    At Evans we combine design, permit and construction schedules to streamline the traditional three-step design, bid and build process. In a collaborative environment, we accelerate these tasks in an overlapping fashion to fast track Design/Build capabilities. It is due to this process we can significantly reduce the design, build, procure and installation timeline on a project and ultimately save time and money, but also minimize the project risks for our clients.
  • Construction Management at Risk

    Evans offers full Construction Management at a guaranteed price. This includes the overall planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion. We aim to meet the clients requirements in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project that will be completed on time, within authorized cost and to the required quality standards.
  • Industrial Services

    Evans has the capability and experience to take a client’s technology and process and develop it into a fully functioning facility. With basic process information, we produce engineering documents such as P&ID drawings, equipment lists, utility matrices and instrument indices. This data is then used to design the facility around the optimal process layout and establish the budget estimate. Once the scope of work and budget are agreed upon, we deliver a facility to operation completion within budget and on time.
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