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Guiding Principles


Privately-owned and operated, Evans values honesty and strong moral principles. It is at the core of everything we do from choosing business partners and team members to the way contracts are written. We build lasting relationships, never cut corners, believe in transparency, and make no excuses. Do the right thing and always make things right — it is how Evans operates and how integrity is made.


We work closely with our clients during the design phase to develop projects that minimize negative impact to surrounding communities. Our engineering teams oversee every detail to ensure the most suitable, environmentally friendly building is delivered. Evans implements “green” standards into our company’s core culture and procedures to provide a more sustainable future for all.


We believe quality is both a mindset and a philosophy of conducting business. Our approach to quality is driven by selecting the right project team, monitoring design, means and methods, and controlling how materials are installed during the construction phase. Internal procedures ensure that the highest levels of quality are reached throughout the project.


Success is driven by the synergy of the project team. We work to assemble a team best fit for the project, aligning talents, strengths, and experience. We choose the right partners for the project from designers and consultants, to vendors, subcontractors, and suppliers and work together to exceed expectations.


Value is created during all phases of each project. Our approach begins with conceptual planning and remains constant throughout construction. To deliver expectations and better serve project scopes, we diligently work to understand clients’ operations, business goals, and risks. This allows Evans to eliminate waste in over design, streamline processes, minimize schedule delays, and avoid rework.


Throughout our years of service, Evans has embraced innovative solutions for project delivery. These solutions have become part of our standard delivery, from cloud-based project management tools to building Information Modeling. We continue to advance our approaches such as modular and off-site construction. Evans believes in continuous improvements, always adding value, and implementing lessons learned.

Our Focus on Safety


Evans is committed to a safety culture of Everyone Home Safe where we relentlessly innovate and implement environmental, health, and safety practices. Safety is a journey that will never be complete and every day we look for ways to improve the environment in which we create and build. An incident and injury free jobsite are not only desirable but attainable through safe work practices and a culture where safety is a practiced core value. This type of culture thrives in an environment were performing tasks safely is the only way to do business.

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Our core safety program is focused around 3 principles:

  • PREPARE To ensure the safety of all personnel, we invest in training, proper planning, and pre-task analysis to provide a safer and better equipped team.
  • PERFORM Safety is a team effort that involves everyone. Working together, we implement and monitor systems to keep each other safe.
  • INNOVATE Through industry advancements and technology improvements, we will push boundaries to adapt and to create safe environment for all.
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Distinctly Different

Since opening our doors in 2001, Evans has grown into a leading design-build, general contracting, and construction management firm. Deeply committed to our company values and the drive to do what is right, we have forged a path that is uniquely Evans.

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