Symbolic artwork part of Alpharetta’s Public Arts Commission “Art in Public Places” Program

ATLANTA, GA – May 2024 — As part of Alpharetta’s Art in Public Places initiative, Evans General Contractors sought to infuse their Alpharetta facility, with a vibrant public art piece. This endeavor not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the area but also fosters a sense of community pride and engagement, enriching the local environment.

“We felt most connected to Landis’s work and were comfortable with his vision and approach,” said Sarah Evans Rothwein, Senior Vice President for Evans. “His use of materials and the craftmanship he pours into each piece is captivating.”

Rothwein was part of the selection and coordination of this commission since the beginning, noting that the Eagle is a regal animal representing preservation, earth, and patriotism – all values of Evans.

Stainless-steel was chosen not only for its long-lasting durability (repelling environmental debris and corrosion resistance), but the mirror polish of the material is highly interactive in that the colors reflected are constantly changing. “Anyone who views the work becomes part of the piece,” said Landis. “Their reflections will vary while passing and they are immediately part of the experience”.

Evans shares in the city’s belief that expanding the experiences of the citizens of Alpharetta with art will enable them to better connect with the community and understand the lives and experiences of themselves and fellow citizens. The Eagle sculpture is now “flying high” as part of the city of Alpharetta’s newest works of art.