These back-to-back client announcements on two new Atlanta Hyperscale assets is a result of teamwork, trust, and tenacity. Evans has partnered with the best-in-class design partners for the Design-Build team and is currently in procurement of both projects. With the accelerating scale of digital communications and the need for richer user experiences in accessing content, the demand for data center capacity across the region is astounding. Atlanta alone has risen to a Tier 1 data center market and is now tied for 5th in total data center demand. As such, the Atlanta build program is a gamechanger for both DC BLOX and Evans.

By solving challenges at a higher and more integrated level, procuring long lead items, and coordinating the technical nuances of compliant facilities, Evans’ Advanced Technology Team is paving the way for DC BLOX to expand their data center portfolio and address the growing needs of hyperscale and AI/ML platform and application provider tenants in Atlanta.