Myrtle Beach, SC project achieves Award of Merit in the Specialty Build $25-$50M category

The EIC award is a yearly competition that showcases dedication to safety and quality from ABC members on their projects throughout the Carolinas and surrounding area. It is the industry’s leading competition that honors both general and specialty contractors for innovative and high-quality Merit Shop construction projects. This year’s award gala was particularly special as ABC Carolinas celebrated their 25th Anniversary.

Within the Specialty Build category, the DC BLOX project represents a first of a kind, state-of-the-art, specialized data center known as a cable landing station (CLS). The facility is connected to five prepositioned subsea bore pipes configured for up to five subsea cables. The first two subsea cables are constructed by Google and Meta, two of the largest technology clients in the world. Those cables stretch thousands of miles and are the first two subsea cables to land on the shores of South Carolina. Google’s fiber provides communications between the MYR1A CLS and multiple stops in Central and South America. The Meta subsea fiber is the largest ever constructed and provides communication between MYR1A CLS and Europe. These subsea fibers terminate in the MYR1A CLS and are powered via DC power rectifiers and critical fiber interconnects splice the transcontinental cables to domestic dark fiber connecting multiple Southeast cities. This project is a key link in the global internet infrastructure and provides local and global access to information and business data.

“What makes this project unique,” stated Corey Lemming, head of Evans’ Advanced Technology, “is that it was delivered in a design-build manner, which is rare in the data center industry due to the perceived complexity in technical deployment of the MEP and IT infrastructure.”

He went on to state that the close relationship between designers, Owner, and Evans allowed for continuous feedback and adjustments in order to achieve the extremely tight schedule and unique design features required of the build.

“Achieving excellence in construction is something the team implemented from the onset of the project and to be recognized for achieving it is truly special,” said Lemming.