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Evans understands industrial scale food and beverage processes.  By keeping a facility’s operation at the forefront, we address things like food safety, energy efficiency, cost of construction, and logistics control to create a streamlined project delivery.  Knowing the potential for contamination begins with the design, we develop cost effective, quality facilities with all the up-fit and utility requirements around it.

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Efficiencies in food safety, production costs, and sustainability are the fruits of our labor.


  • Aeroponic Growing
  • Protein Processing (Poultry, Red Meat)
  • Beverage Production
  • Ready-to-Eat Foods (RTE)
  • Cold Storage & Secondary Packaging

Why Work With Us?

Placing equipment and determining production line flow takes expertise in facility design and engineering. This is one reason clients engage Evans in the early stages of planning.  Another is our understanding of many different industries. This enables us to look at food and beverage projects with the eye of an investor, engineer, and consumer to help clients safely produce and distribute superior products.

  • Consumer Safe Design and Construction
  • Integration and Permitting
  • Process Layout and Engineering
  • Equipment Selection, Procurement, and Installation


  • Sanitary Design
  • Blending/Filling Processing Lines
  • Automated Material Handling
  • Packaged Refrigeration Systems (Freon, Ammonia, CO2)


From bottling and packaging to processing and distribution, our Team builds facilities across the entire food and beverage spectrum. With an understanding of end-to-end fulfillment, Evans guides clients to safer, more efficient, industry practices.

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