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In an effort to support their expanding U.S. operations, German Pellets contracted Evans to design and build a new shipping facility for them in Port Arthur, Texas. This ocean terminal shipping center was specifically constructed along the Sabine Pass allowing for easy access to the Gulf of Mexico. In conjunction with this project, Evans was also contracted to design-build the German Pellets manufacturing facility that would supply the wood pellets to this shipping center.

The storage and loading center is composed of five 17,000 metric ton metal panel silos that are 115’ high and 105’ in diameter. Located on 40 acres of ground bordering the water, the site required tremendous foundational support in order to withstand the heavy truck loads and full silos. All five silos have concrete foundations that are approximately 4,500 cubic yards and more than 6’ thick. Stabilizing the earth below required over 1,000, 6’ x 65’ long precast piles and 100 eighty-foot-long H-piles in order to support the facility’s structure. Inside, the pellets are moved around on a 4,000 linear foot enclosed pneumatic conveyor system. An air filtration system is used to remove any extra wood dust in order to keep the facility running cleanly. Today, the facility can store up to 75,000 tons of wood pellets at any given time and loads approximately 100 trucks with wooden pellets every 24 hours.


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