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Everyone Home Safe

Evans is committed to a safety culture of Everyone Home Safe. Above all things, we value life. We relentlessly innovate and implement environmental, health, and safety practices to ensure everyone gets home safe. We understand that Safety is a journey that will never be complete and every day we look for ways to improve the environment in which we create and build. An incident and injury free jobsite are not only desirable but attainable through safe work practices and a culture where safety is a practiced core value. This type of culture thrives in an environment were performing tasks safely is the only way to do business.

Our core safety program is focused around three principles, PREPARE, PERFORM, and INNOVATE.

We Prepare

To ensure the safety of all personnel, we invest in training, proper planning, and pre-task analysis to provide a safer and better equipped team. Our belief is that preparing to do the work is the most important and effective tool in our safety program. We create a culture where all stakeholders are involved in planning our critical high-risk activities and planning to build the work safely. 

  • Trade partner prequalification
  • Design for safety
  • Safety professionals involved in preconstruction
  • Safety focus in logistics
  • High risk schedule assessments

We Perform

Safety is a team effort that involves everyone. Working together, we implement and monitor systems to keep each other safe. We view the Superintendent, Project Manager, and Safety Professional as equals who must discuss and coordinate with their peers on the owner and trade partner side to execute safety on our projects. We collaborate on safety in multiple forums such as monthly leadership safety meetings, weekly site safety and jobsite safety meetings, highrisk go-no go safety meetings, safety committee/walks, daily pre-task analysis reviews, and event learning meetings.

  • Safety planning translates to operational tools and systems
  • Monthly executive safety reviews with teams
  • Our safety program monitors engagement as a key predictive indicator
  • Human performance focus

We innovate

Our commitment to an injury and incident free workplace is anchored by innovation, communication, and education. Evans provides an initial orientation followed by continuous training, which is reinforced by Evans leadership. Training and behavioral modification is the key to successfully achieving a safe work environment. This foundation is created through correction and positive reinforcement, treating employees with dignity and respect, and total commitment by leaders across all levels. We’re committed to continually improving our  methods and providing proper training to our team.

  • A focus on predictive and event learning data makes organizational change
  • Communicating corrective actions and significant events avoids repeat issues
  • Defining and teaching our safety values to hold team members accountable to our culture

Additional Elements
of the Safety Program

Incident and Injury Free

  • Job Hazard Analysis – Risk Assessments
  • High-Risk Activity Safety Planning
  • Weekly Safety Meetings
  • Equipment Training & Inspections
  • Safety Dashboards & Analytics
  • Environmental
  • Incident Reporting
  • Project Rules & Compliance

Event Learning Teams

These teams are a necessary and powerful tool to build and strengthen our safety culture.


  • Determine Sequence of Events/Facts
  • State Incident that Occurred
  • Ask Multiple Why’s
  • Identify Contributing Factors
  • Identify Root Cause
  • Identify Solutions & Systems
  • Identify Lessons learned
  • Communicate & Track
  • Corrective Actions
  • Determine Sequence of Events/Facts
  • State Incident that Occurred
  • Ask Multiple Why’s
  • Identify Contributing Factors
  • Identify Root Cause
  • Identify Solutions & Systems
  • Identify Lessons learned
  • Communicate & Track Corrective Actions

Subcontractor Safety

When it comes to safety, if one of us fail, we all fail. Anyone that visits an Evans’ jobsite should be conscious of risks present and work together to solve problems and present solutions that look out for the wellbeing of all. As needed, Evans will require Subcontractors to take a training class, participate in a safety stand down, or wear required PPE to complete tasks. As leaders in the industry, Evans’ goal is to ensure that when a subcontractor is on site, it is not only a great experience, but that it is the best site they ever work on.

Above all things, we value life.
Performing tasks safely is the only way to do business.

John De Lay

John De Lay

SVP of Field Operations

Chad Smith

Chad Smith

Corporate Safety Director

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